How can I let go?

How do you look at the cost of being a Jesus Follower? Is it open hands receiving or closed fist gripping hold to all you have like a baby with a pacifier? Jesus said, “Whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life. If […]

Stoking the Flame with Laughter

Stoking the Flame with Laughter

Recently I was invited to a Doug Fields dinner for youth workers in our community by GroundZero of Myrtle Beach.  Although I am a Volunteer Youth Leader in our church, I jumped at the opportunity to learn from “professional youth leaders.”  I did not know what to expect, BUT I knew my wife needed to […]

All with in 1hour notice...

Un-expected Generosity!

In the spirit of the HOBBIT…This past weekend was an “unexpected adventure!”  Our last minute crew of volunteers were destined to be together, and as usual God changed our well thought out plans for something better.   After heading out on Thursday evening to attend the Strength to Stand Youth Conference, we thought we could […]

A New Season

A New Season

If gluttony  is a sin, I need to start off by asking for forgiveness for going by my wife’s baked goodie plate one toooo many times over the holidays! Although I am still feeling a little guilty for all the blessings we have to be thankful for here in America and around my home during […]

Are we churches or hospitals?

Its has been a thought that I have wrestled with over the past few months… “SHOULD OUR CHURCHES BE  SEEN AS SPIRITUAL HOSPITALS?”  If you want to get medical help, do you find the “right” hospital to treat your emergency? Or do you just get help for the crisis you are in at the moment? […]

Focus like David

Its only a few times in life we are given the opportunity to do something great!  In those times, if we are honest, fear and adrenaline are gushing through our veins during that moment.  Imagine David starring down Giliath… A young man and a giant soldier. Was David an idiot?  I am sure some in […]

Alongside Them

How do I keep up? How do we reach those over stimulated minds? Honestly it can be overwhelming as a youth minister in today’s technological world.   Maybe, just maybe, its me that is overstimulated too!  I have dozens of emails, videos, great skits, and rich blogs to sort through and they all compete for […]